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In my 'Virtual Scrapbook' you'll find a selection of useful resources I use in my work with schools, as well as articles and resources I've written myself to support literacy. 

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Title : Reading as a Writer, the Power of Innovation & Varjak Paw

One Pie Corbett quote that has always stuck with me is “All writers are thieves.”

It's a really valuable lesson for children to learn. To know that we never really write anything completely from scratch can take the fear out of a writing task,. In essence, things we have read or heard or researched always guide us and knowing that we can magpie from all our writing influences, is a very powerful tool in itself. We will, of course, start to develop our own style in our writing, but that style will ultimately have the style of others woven into it. 

Audience: Teachers, Leaders

Age: All Ages




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